“Chef Dawn, thank you again sooooo soooooo much for last nite.  It could not have been better.  All the food was absolutely incredible.  I was just munching on some of the crudite/hummos and I was thinking, “man, even these veggies are totally awesome.”  And I just took some ice cream out of the freezer.  Also had some halibut for lunch.  Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that you just did a fantastic job and I couldn’t have been happier.  I look forward to doing it again!”

Marc P., Menlo Park – April, 2016

“Chef Dawn presided over a New Year’s Eve dinner party for me in 2015, and she did an absolutely terrific job.  Dawn and her assistant took care of everything.  Dawn worked with me on creating a menu that included some items she had made before, and others that she hadn’t.  She shopped for everything on her own, and then executed the multi-course dinner with perfection.  Every dish – from the several starters to the pastas to the mains to the desserts — was superb.  I don’t have the most extensive home kitchen in terms of equipment, so Dawn brought everything she could possibly need and took care of preparing absolutely everything without a hitch.  Dawn and her assistant were also then meticulous about cleaning up.  At the end of the night (after the clock had struck midnight), the kitchen looked immaculate.  It was cleaner than when Dawn had arrived!  Dawn and her assistant also made for delightful company.  They were lively and fun.  Plus, because they were handling all the details, the host was able to relax and enjoy himself with his party guests.  I recommend Dawn without hesitation!!” – Marc, Menlo Park – January, 2016


Wow! Everyone was raving about your menu and food quality at Rick and Marcella’s reception! I have always known that you are a professional, and your work ethic, presentation, and delicious menu made mouths water, and tongues wag in a good way.

Bravo, Dawn! Bill encouraged everyone there to try your famous spinach dip! He’s such a big fan!

Thank you for an evening done in terrific taste!”  – Carol, Pleasanton – August, 2013

“As a busy woman who travels a lot for work, I don’t have time or desire to cook. I reached out to Dawn and she has been a savior.  She cooks to accommodate my schedule and personal requests. My sister who came for a visit from New York also loves her cooking. I can say that I am not only enjoying her meals but I am eating much healthier and look forward to her wonderfully cooked, specially requested home made meals.  Hiring Dawn was one of the best things I have done for myself!” ~Fran, San Ramon, CA

“When I was recovering from surgery last winter, Dawn helped with family meals that were simply wonderful! It was a relief knowing that healthy, great tasting food was always available in our freezer!  She also provided low sodium meals for my mother in law who was living with us. Everyone was very happy with the food that she made for us!” ~Sonja, Livermore, CA

“Dawn cooks for me using DaVita recipes because I am a dialysis patient. I have tried many different recipes that are all tasty even with the restrictions! The DaVita recipes are contributed by nutritionists so I feel confident I am getting the right foods for my medical condition. I just love having Dawn come fill up my freezer!” ~Rita, Tracy, CA

“We are a busy family with different schedules so it’s great that we can count on a wonderful meal from Dawn whenever we have the chance to sit down and enjoy it! There’s always something really tasty either on the stove, in the fridge or in the freezer for later! It’s hard to say which dish is our favorite but her chicken enchiladas are super!” ~Paul, Dublin, CA

My wife and I have been clients of Dawn Buchholz for more than 2 years. We would certainly recommend her services to anyone. She has done an excellent job of adapting to our family needs. For us, she cooks gluten-free. Her meals are fresh and taste great even if frozen for a few days. Because my wife and I both work and we have 3 kids, her meals are invaluable to us when we get home at 6 PM with no plans for dinner. Within 20 minutes, we’re enjoying a healthy meal that taste great. Some of our favorites are her salmon dishes, white bean chili, and gluten free pasta. ~Ken, Walnut Creek, CA

I am very happy to recommend Dawn’s excellent cooking services. We have been more than pleased with the delicious meals that she prepares for us each time. She has been so helpful to us as we are on restricted diets and have to customize each recipe to meet our needs. She has been wonderful to work with and, of course, her cooking is fantastic! ~Lauretta, Newark, CA

As Ex. VP of Asia etc., I have worked with Dawn on several national food shows. Dawn was our head chef this past year at two events, Fancy Food Show in San Francisco and at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago. 

As one that has worked in the food industry, I could immediately tell how experienced a chef she was. Her professionalism coupled with her friendly attitude was appreciated by all that worked with her through the 3 day events. Her culinary skills coupled with her desire to do her very best brought home the National Restaurant Show “excellence award” which was given out to 10 exhibitors from a total of 1300. Certainly, a major testament to her culinary skills and leadership.

Asia etc. has again chosen Dawn as our Head Chef at the two national food exhibitions to be held in Chicago and Washington DC. She will lead a staff of 6 chefs.

Ken Ishii
Ex. Vice President
ASIA etc.
(310) 382 0758

In January, 2010, we started helping the National Restaurant Association (NRA) promote Asian foods. The first show where USPCA chefs participated was held in San Francisco. The most recent show was in Chicago and the NRA voted our chefs the “best” crew they have worked with! Congratulations to Barb Lance, Dawn Buchholz, Jeannie Heitz, Rosemary Martin, Roger Greene and Wanda Smith for an exceptional job – thank you! ~National Restaurant Association