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I had the privilege of creating a New Year’s Eve dinner for a new client and his guests.  His request was for an intimate dinner party and Roman meal (no, not that terrible hot cereal my mom made us try…once).  Marc was looking for authentic dishes that he’d enjoyed while visiting there.

As I have not experienced some of the recipes my client was looking for, I did some research and found that alongside Roman-Style Chicken (client favorite), I was going to prepare some new ones.  Well, a new year calls for new recipes, right?  A little tricky, especially when you consider my task is to create a great evening for a guy who doesn’t normally entertain on one of the most special nights of the year 🙂

Everyone enjoyed the evening and it was a special way to ring in the new year…working with my assistant/daughter to pack and load car in time to return to the festivities and join in a celebratory toast to 2016!  Happy New Year!

You should try this deceptively simple dish of only four ingredients:  pasta, butter, Pecorino-Romano, and a generous amount of fresh cracked black pepper.  Be sure to combine the ingredients slowly along with some reserved pasta water to create a wonderful creamy texture of tangy pepperiness!


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